Press Release Guidelines

Press Release Guidelines

The Presser Foundation’s Press Release Guidelines are in place to maintain the continuity of The Presser Foundation brand and to support all grantees’ desires to publicize their relationship with The Foundation.

Please refer to the following Guidelines when preparing a press release that contains the use of The Presser Foundation name or involves The Foundation in any way.

For press release approval, or further questions, please contact Teresa Rodgers at


The benefits of publishing a press release with reference to The Presser Foundation include:

– Publication of your press release on The Presser Foundation website, in the current news and news archive sections.

– Brand recognition and association with one of the few private foundations in the United States dedicated solely to music education and music philanthropy.

– Increased potential for collaboration with another grantee of The Presser Foundation from increased awareness.

Referencing The Presser Foundation

As The Presser Foundation has grown and evolved over its eight-decade history, the following standards are in place to help clarify the use of the name. Please refer to these guidelines, for all communications that include The Presser Foundation name:

– The Presser Foundation is a non-profit corporation in Pennsylvania.

– “The Presser Foundation” may be used by media, grantees etc. as covered by fair use, but may not be altered in any way.

– The first time The Presser Foundation is referenced in an article, it must include the full title: “The Presser Foundation.”

– After “The Presser Foundation” is mentioned once, it is acceptable to refer to The Presser Foundation as “the Foundation.”

DO NOT use “Theodore Presser” in the name of The Foundation.

DO NOT use all caps, as in “THE PRESSER FOUNDATION.”

The Presser Foundation welcomes the use of its logo by grantee organizations.  Please submit your logo requirements to Teresa Rodgers at

Boiler Plate Language and Media Contact Policy

All press releases referencing The Presser Foundation must include an “About The Presser Foundation” paragraph that contains The Presser Foundation Boilerplate language and a link to The Presser Foundation home page. The Presser Foundation Boilerplate may not be altered in any manner. See example below.

About The Presser Foundation

The Presser Foundation was established in 1939 under the Deeds of Trust and Will of the late Theodore Presser. It is one of the few private foundations in the United States dedicated solely to music education and music philanthropy. The Presser Foundation considers proposals for funding from music organizations working in a broad range of traditions, genres, and styles through general operating and program grants; capital grants for music building projects; undergraduate and graduate student awards; and assistance to retired music teachers.  Much of the grant making focus of the Foundation is on organizations and institutions in the 75-mile radius surrounding Center City Philadelphia.  For more information:

Press & Media Contact:

For information regarding the use of The Presser Foundation logo, or how to obtain a quote from a Presser Foundation spokesperson, please contact Teresa Rodgers at

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