Summer greetings on behalf of the Board and staff of The Presser Foundation!

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer! It is a time for us to reflect, plan and, in the spirit of transparency, share some thoughts with our stakeholders.
With our charge and commitment to focus on music philanthropy, we expect our grants to help leverage your programs and to realize your goals. We see the Greater Philadelphia music community as a catalyst for innovation, a magnet for talent and fuel for economic growth. Our challenge is making the most of our assets by managing the Foundation in a way that will sustain it for the future so that it can continue to support so many wonderful music organizations.
The Foundation has consistently gifted over $3 million annually in five program areas. While our Finance Committee constantly thinks about the investment of our resources; our various grant making committees think about the impact achieved when those resources are put to work in the community.
As a result of substantial committee and staff effort, there are three areas we are going to continue to focus on and refine in 2016-17.
(1) Ensure that our Advancement of Music grants, which provide needed operating support, are consistently sized according to the grantee organization’s capacity.
(2) Better articulate and share examples of Special Project support. While Advancement of Music supports the core programs of a music organization, a Special Project grant is meant for those projects that are outside the “norm.”
(3) With over 100 years of grant making, first by Mr. Presser and then by The Foundation that was established after his death, there exist numerous buildings (known widely as Presser Halls) across the country.  The challenge for a foundation of our size is continuing to support these buildings while allowing for the support of new local Capital Projects.  In this way, we are experimenting with a new “Legacy Gift” to show meaningful support to institutions which share in our rich history.
We are looking forward to helping you realize your organization’s plans and to working with you over the next year. 


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