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About the Presser Foundation page
Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, The Parker Quartet; Photo credit Langdon Photography

The Presser Foundation was formally established in 1939 under various deeds of trust of the late Theodore Presser.   In the charter of incorporation, The Foundation’s purposes are set forth to promote primarily the cause of musical education and musical philanthropy as follows:  to provide scholarships for promising students; to increase the value of music education by erecting suitable buildings; and to administer aid to worthy teachers of music in distress.

While The Foundation’s priorities have evolved over time, it has provided much needed funding to further the cause of music since 1939.  It has been said that Theodore Presser wanted to give back to music what he had made from it. When he died in 1925, he left no children.  He had been widowed twice, and the bulk of his fortune was left to The Foundation.

The small staff and Board of Trustees continue to oversee the work of The Foundation.  The Foundation is fortunate to have had a founder who clearly stated the purpose which he desired to achieve.  The Board of Trustees includes prominent local and national leaders in music.  All Trustees share a passion for music and all are committed to carrying out the intentions of the benefactor.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is currently made up of the following individuals:

Jeffrey Cornelius, President

William B. McLaughlin, III, Vice President

Ellen Rosen, Treasurer

Sharon L. Sorokin, Esq., Secretary

Mary Jane Bobyock

Peter Burwasser

Rollo Dilworth

David Kring

Susan Lewis

Chris Rinaldi

Corey R. Smith

Radclyffe F. Thompson

Stanford Thompson

Mark Wait

Melinda Whiting

Vera Wilson

John Wright, Esq.

The Foundation is proud to recognize the following individuals as Honorary Trustees:

Leon Bates

Anthony P. Checchia

William M. Davison, 4th

Robert W. Denious, Esq.

Martin A. Heckscher, Esq.

Henderson Supplee, III

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